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MQTT M2M protocol supported by Facebook

Facebook supports a M2M protocol MQTT for instant-messaging capabilities The MQTT protocol was developed 10 years ago and is still not well known. MQTT has been developed as a joint project between IBM and an Italian company called Eurotech. MQTT is branded by high bandwidth efficiency and supports a wide range of wireless applications. It […]

Smart Home, Android@Home and 6LoWPAN at c-base in Berlin 31.08.2011

Event about latest Google technologies like Smart Home, Android@Home and 6LoWPAN Presentation and discussion on Android@Home, Arduino, Microchip Arduino Clone called chipKIT, Smart Home, Android 4.0, Bluetooth / Bluetooth LE support with Android 4.0, Accessories for Android on USB and Bluetooth. Google and the radio link protocol 6LoWPAN. Mistakes of Google Power Meter and Microsoft […]

Android in Automotive

Android on wheels – Continental selected Google OS for automotive electronic Continental is 20 minutes by car from my home ( 148.000 employees, Turn over in 2010: 26,000,000 Euro ) Android in cars on CES 2011 ++ Parrot ++ ++ Fujitsu ++ ++ Continental , Audiovox +++ Further automotive ++ Chevrolet […]

Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is a low power air interface technology defined by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BT SIG) The standard Bluetooth radio has been widely implemented and available in mobile phones, notebook computers, audio headsets and many other devices. The low power version of Bluetooth is a new specification and enables the use of […]

Will Google’s 6LoWPAN marry Microsoft’s human antenna?

When will this big wedding come true? Microsoft showed that electromagnetic noise can be used to identify the position of a person in a room, what the person is doing, and even where a hand is placed on a wall. Microsoft’s vision is dimming the light. First applications could be game controllers. More about this […]

Bluetooth Low Energy – temperature – demo design

Temperature Demo design on  Bluetooth Low Energy Functionality of Bluetooth Low Energy design Measures and transmits temperature to a peer device CR2032 coin cell battery Years of battery life Disconnected model < 15 mA peak < 200 μA advertise mode average 0.5 μA Idle mode I have seen it live and made videos on Bluetooth […]

Are you aware that IPv6 day is today? 6LoWPAN is riding on IPv6 too.

What’s actually going to happen? Who are these IPV6 users? And what could possibly go wrong? Connected planet gives answers to the five following questions: So what is actually going to happen tomorrow? Who are the IPV6 users? What could possibly go wrong? How should service providers respond to customer problems? What happens after World […]

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