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Bluetooth End Product Listing EPL is not for free from 1th. Feb 2014 anymore

The BT SIG will charge Bluetooth SIG Adopter: $ 8,000 USD Bluetooth SIG Associate Member: $ 4,000 USD Companies with turnover <1 million USD per year: $ 2,500 USD (max  2 products) More details by email to harald.naumann (at) If you have a product in development, then register it quickly. Anyone who is planning […]

Public Toilets 4.0 – Vending comes to the Bathroom

In the Netherlands, a new billing system for public toilets which is based on mobile wireless technology has been developed by “NeoNumus”. The costs incurred for provision of the facilities, cleaning and maintenance are paid quickly and simply by the customer by “mobile phone” via a cashless system. This system reduces the waiting time for […]

Remote control for TV and set-up box on Bluetooth Low Energy made easy

Reference design with multi-touch touch-pad, 6-axis motion sensing, and full QWERTY keyboard The hardware and software reference design includes a multi-touch touch-pad, 6-axis motion sensing, and full QWERTY keyboard. The reference design contains a multi-protocol nRF51822 System on Chip (SoC) to offer simultaneous single chip Bluetooth low energy and a 2.4GHz proprietary RF protocol support. […]

Wireless link on 2400 MHz is far better in latency than a state of the art cable link

You play the electric guitar? You are worry about the latency in your cable? You feel handcuffed by the ugly cable? Just replace the cable to a wireless link made by Systec Designs. The Dutch developer Systec Designs claims its ‘stageClix’ wireless guitar jack – which employs Nordic RF technology – is the lowest latency […]

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