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Can you please explain Bluetooth qualification process when using BLE chip?

Are there any shortcuts? The questions reach me by email.  Your selected IC  is a fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 low energy design and combines the Radio, Link Layer, and Host into a single EPL (End Product Listing) enabling designers to easily create new Bluetooth end products without additional listing fees. Nevertheless for your radio device […]

How to connect your embedded antenna with your wireless module? EA#

Transmission line: The PCB track between GSM module and embedded antenna PCB trace impedance / transmission line calculators If there is no coaxial cable between your antenna and the GSM module then there is often a PCB track. A coaxial cable has an inner conductor, an isolator and a shielding. GSM modules or other wireless […]

WIFI for creating the IoT?

In the video they mention public #WIFI e.g. at airports. At Mobile World Congress #MWC 2013 WIFI had its one zone. If WIFI will rise in public locations like airports and railway stations it will rise in industrial applications as well. WIFI in IoT – practical paradigm I already guideline the development of applications where […]

Which radio approvels has your M2M device to pass? EA#

The table with radio approvals is not complete. Testing for world region Reference Type of testing Specifiaction Notes Europe R&TTE Directive Article 3.2 Mobile Communication – Radiated Spurious Emission 2G EN 301 511 POS terminal, People tracker, Electricity meter Europe R&TTE Directive Article 3.2 Radio – Radio test EN 300 220 – Transceiver (Tx, Rx […]

How will the ground plane effect your embedded antenna? EA#

The size of the ground plane of your embedded antenna will effect the performance In the introduction it was mentioned that the enclosure and the components close to the embedded antenna like battery or display will interfere. The size of your PCB will have an effect of the performance of your selected embedded antenna as […]

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