Make your hands dirty on NB-IoT application – Wireless Congress in Munich

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Get your hands dirty with an NB-IoT application

NB-IoT, locating by TDOA

NB-IoT, locating by TDOA

NB-IoT is the new shining constellation on the LPWAN sky. It stars are called low energy consumption, low price, small sized and easy to use for any hardware developer. In our workshop, we will examine the open HW design called akorIoT Nano (credit card sized including embedded PCB antenna), GNSS module, and 7 sensors plus 107 off the shelf further PCB sensors. To keep it simple we will use the well know Arduino SDK to read the sensors and to upload the data to the cloud or to send an SMS. In parallel, we will show how to use an STM32 Nucleo 32 with free of charge GNU- C-Compiler. Furthermore, we will help with HW hint and tips based our long and extensive experience in IoT/M2M PCB layout on how to avoid trouble from ESD and spurious emissions. You can quickly apply the lessons learned to your own wireless IoT application to launch your NB-IoT device.

Agenda of the workshop:

  • NB-IoT basics and difference to GSM
  • Power on of the akorIoT Nano and starting the SDK
  • “Hello World”
  • Reading the sensor data with print to USB port (screen/beamer)
  • Transmitting the data to the cloud and SMS
  • Sharing of HW experience and hints on some common traps
  • Q&A / discussion with the participants

About Wilhelm Oelers

Wilhelm Oelers is a recognized embedded hardware developer dedicated to wireless applications. He offers over 30 years of professional experience in M2M and IoT. He comes all the way from Deutsche Post as an engineer for communication systems. He was the project leader and/or project member in various teams for wireless based products in remote monitoring on POCSAG based paging systems and GSM/GPS based tracking devices. Today he is a pioneer in NB-IoT and developed / launched the world first NB-IoT module on Arduino R3 header called akorIoT Micro. His personal mission: none of his customers should run in trouble by designing wireless IoT devices. He gladly shares his experience and know-how with his customer to support their projects. His service for industrial users: products and services for electronic components with most economic concepts and fastest time to market products with the focus on devices with embedded antennas. If you like to share the experience and know-how in your IoT or M2M project, please feel free to contact Wilhelm Oelers via: E-mail: w.oelers ( at) Phone: +49(0)451 / 30 40 718

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