iPhone user are living on an i(s)land = iLand. Do they live iSolated?

5 new features of the next iPhone – no satire – Headlines from iPhone magazine – Jan 2013


1. Turn your phone sideways to display a larger keyboard

Wow, a great feature that all Android phones and tablets already have. BTW, I installed a keyboard planned for Android phones on my Android tablet. I can change between the keyboard that Samsung has installed, the version I have installed from SD card or any other offered on Google Play Store.

2. Control your music from your lock screen

Hhm, my Motorola Razr offers access to camera, SMS/MMS and making calls from lock screen. The fast access to camera is a nice feature. It also offers me Smart Actions. I can start apps by pairing with the Bluetooth in my car. The MP3 player at my Razr will start as soon I am in my car. The WIFI will be powered off and GPS will be powered on.

3. Learn to slide. Slide your finger up the right side to use your camera, or slide the bottom arrow to the right to unlock your phone

I can´t believe. The iPhone users can learn to slide left and right. I can slide in four directions from lock screen at my Razr to start something like camera and more.

4. Take a screenshot!

Take screenshot – it is a preinstalled feature on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in the foot line of the tablet. It is standard feature since Android 2.2 by pressing two buttons in same time.

5. Make folders for your apps

It is standard on any Android device. Folders were already a feature of MS DOS.

iPhone user are living on an i(s)land = iLand. Do they live iSolated?
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Updated: 2013-01-27 — 9:17 PM

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