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Technical comparison of ANT, ZigBee and Bluetooth

Market name ANT ZigBee Bluetooth Standard Proprietary IEEE802.15.4 IEEE802.15.1 Application PANs and WSNs PANs and WSNs PANs Host resources (kByte) 2(0 with SensRcoreâ„¢) 100 250 Battery life (with coin-cell battery)§ 3+ years 4 to 6 months* 1 to 7 days* Max. network size (nodes) 2^32 2^64 7 Over the air transmission rate (kbit/s) 1000 250 […]

Indoor locating without GPS. Summary of technologies

Today we offer a summary of indoor locating technologies. 1. Indoor positioning on Bluetooth 2. WIFI 802.11b is use to detect change in position of one meter or even less 3. Indoor Navigation without GPS: The new gold rush? 4. Batman´s technology in use to see trough walls. Will Gotham City come […]

GSM module located by Timing advance

GSM module located by Timing advance TA.  Example on TA combined with Angle of Arrival and analysing sector antennas 13.03.2010  Remark of the author after sending the tweet: I am working on a GSM based locating system that will cover 180 countries.  The first GSM based locating I launched 10 years ago at World […]

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