Will Low-Cost telehealth applications driven by low-frequency wireless spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks (MBAN)?

FCC Mulls Spectrum For Medical Gear

The designation of low-frequency wireless spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks, or MBAN, could drive adoption of low-cost telehealth applications for home use.

“The spectrums being considered by the FCC include a band of 40 MHz at 2360-2400 MHz, which is a band considered underutilized, or “quiet” right now, and has been used primarily by aerospace firms and the U.S. Dept. of Defense, said Paul Coss, Philips Healthcare’s MBAN and wireless strategy lead.The FCC is expected to issue a draft rule on MBAN by early summer.”

“Philips, GE, and several other medical equipment companies would also like to see the FCC allocate the 2360 to 2400 band for MBANs over higher frequency bands, such as 5150 to 5250 MHz.”

Read more:  http://ow.ly/1qE1x

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