Santa, please help with a smart phone including radio link ANT, ANT+ or Bluetooth LE

Santa Claus, I hope for it that you read my blog. I would like to have a smart phone with a low power radio link like ANT+ (also called ANTplus) or Bluetooth Low Energy. I know that you have a lot to do at the moment. There are many smart phones on the web page listed here.

Can you give me one of Sony Ericsson? You will find pictures of the smart phones which I would like to have listed as below. The pictures shall help you or your elves to find the right phone quickly. I hope they have a minute left to stop at a shop and to catch an ANT+ powered smart phone for me.

ANT+, ANTplus inside smart phone?

Credit: Sony Ericsson. X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro

Santa, it has to be an Android powered smart phone, because I plan some own apps and do not like to burn to much money for licences. The other reason is that I have already an Android powered wireless M2M evaluation kit listed at:

I have no idea which blogs Santa is reading, I have no idea which Twitter channels or RSS feeds he or his elves has subscribed to.

Readers of this post, friends at Facebook, Twitter followers, please be so kind and help me with forwarding my desire. With a little luck the old man will read it and get my wish for the ANT+ powered smart phone. Thanks a lot for your help!

You already know Santas e-mail address? Then please do not hesitate to forward it to me by using the form here or by e-mail to harald.naumann (at)

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