Bluetooth Low Energy – temperature – demo design

Temperature Demo design on  Bluetooth Low Energy

Functionality of Bluetooth Low Energy design

  • Measures and transmits temperature to a peer device
  • CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Years of battery life
  • Disconnected model
  • < 15 mA peak
  • < 200 μA advertise mode average
  • 0.5 μA Idle mode
Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature Demo

Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature Demo

I have seen it live and made videos on Bluetooth Low Energy Road show of Vodafone. I made videos of the Proximity Tag based on Bluetooth Low Energy as well. A cellular 2G/3G operator like Vodafone is pushing ultra low power technology.

Do you have further questions and would like to start the development of your own Bluetooth Low Energy app right now? I will be glad to share my than 15 years in GSM and GPS and 25 years in radio communication with you. Just send an e-mail to harald.naumann (at) .


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  1. What is the size of the device? it looks huge and quite bulky. I would not expect that such a device should be any larger than 3x3x0.6cm

  2. I grabbed the photo out of Power Point Presentation. I have seen it live on the Bluetooth Road Show of Vodafone. It is a demo. On you will find a picture of a USB dongle. 3x3x0.6 cm is not enough for a reasonable ground plane. Anyhow, shrinking is possible, but with drawback on antenna efficiency. The antenna will be the key as usual. Maybe a dipole on 2400 MHz is the option. Do you have antenna skills to create the 2400 dipole with balun close to ground plane?

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