How to detect a GSM jammer by using of GSM / GPRS module?

How to detect a GSM jammer by using of GSM / GPRS module? More about here and further details by email.

Remark of the author after sending the tweet:

A GSM jammer also called mobile phone jammer is a device that blocks the communication between a M2M device like a burglar alarm or car alarm to GSM base station.

Updated: 2010-02-04 — 1:35 PM


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  1. Hello Sir,

    You can let us know how to detect the GSM jammer by suing of GSM/GPRS module? We have such problems that devices don’t send data by GPRS in a city place where the GSM signal is very well.

    Thansk for your time.


  2. Hi Leaper, Please be so kind and ask the local supplier of the GSM / GPRS module you have selected. I am already snowed under and have no capacity left for consulting third party products. If GSM is well and GPRS not, then it is maybe a problem of the selected GPRS module. There is maybe no jammer and just a poor designed GPRS module.

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