Concept for GSM/GPS tracker by using Flex rigid PCB, GSM/GPS module and SIM on Chip

GSM/GPS modules on Flex rigid PCBs offers bending and new form factors

By using Flex rigid PCBs it is possible to bend the PCB and to get a good ground plane for the GSM and GPS antenna. Such PCBs can be useful for tracking of animals, banknotes or tracking of security officers. By tracking of animals the PCB can be mounted in the wrest band. Bundles of bank notes are a package of paper only. The security officer  can get it mounted in the belt or in the jacket.

GSM/GPS modules, antennas and further use

  • GSM module with low power consumption
  • GPS module or even better a combined GPS / Glonass module
  • GPS antenna (sketch shows a patch antenna, loop or other type to be discussed)
  • GSM antenna (sketch shows a lambda/4 monopole, other type to be discussed)
  • Battery (sketch shows LiPo Battery, other tbd)
  • SIM card (SIM on Chip, also called eSIM (other tbd)
  • Micro controller (tbd)
  • Further options (tbd)

GSM/GPS tracker on Flex rigid PCB

GSM GPS tracker on Flex PCB

GSM GPS tracker on Flex rigid PCB

Bending of Flex PCB for GSM / GPS tracker


PCB without components

PCB examples

Flex rigid PCB

Flex rigid PCB. Thank you to Oliver Start of Powelectrics for support us with this picture.

Everybody who is interested in further details and information is welcomed to send me an e-mail by using the form here or by e-mail to harald.naumann (at) .


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  1. Can you estimate the total cost of the above? can this be inserted in cash notes. What is the dimension? How does it work and how can be activated. Thank in advance for the info. Best regards

  2. Tefkros, it can run in a bundle of cash notes as well. The dimensions are always smaller then the cash notes. The costs depends on the quantity you order, the features you want and the country for the approvels.

  3. Can it be designed in the following max footprint:

    What about the DFM for the above type of PCB.

  4. 2×2 meters? Yes it can. 2×2 mm it can not.

  5. What is the envisioned size (in mm) for the above concept?

  6. Just read my IoT M2M Cookbook. The size of the PCB is related to the cellular frequency band you plan to use.

  7. Hi Harald, if the quantity is over 1000 units, how much is the cost per unit?

  8. It will be estimated Euro 99 per device in single pieces and subscribtion to a server. Please be so kind and understand that I make no offers to people on Gmail email account.

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