GSM and GPS meets short-range radio

OBU (On Board Unit) and short-range radios

An inexpensive  trailer detection on 2400 MHz radio modules is indeed already published.
Through the use of ICs, which were developed for consumer products, the bill of materials is very low.

Last week, a GSM / ISM Bridge required based on Linux. A GPS module is also a part the M2M system. The rough structure shows picture as below.

Active RFID in trailer

Active RFID in trailer

The active RFID tags will get the same 868 / 915 MHz transceiver or just transmitter only. For a quick start, we take radio modules for smart metering with WirelessM-Bus protocol.  Radio module for wireless Metering-Bus meter often have to work up to 12 years from battery. It is thereby proven, cost-effective, energy-saving wireless technology. To reduce costs further in the mass production, the radio modules can be replaced by ICs.

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