nRF51 Bluetooth Smart – Bluetooth Low Energy – BT 4.0

The nRF51 Series features higher performance, lower power and a new so-called System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture. This architecture supports several protocols:

  • Nordic’s proprietary Gazel
  • ANT
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BT Smart)

It was claimed that the nRF51 will cut the power consumption by as much as half for some applications compared to the current nRF24L Series. The nRF8001 has a peak current of 11 mA only. Does much as half mean less than 5 mA for nRF51? The answer we will get on 28th. of June. End of the week the cat called nRF51 will jump out of the bag.

Participants of the recent wireless training in Dortmund learned already more about the nRF51

  • The nRF51 is a 2.4GHz Multiprotocol Radios(Proprietary, ANT and BLE)
  • The nRF51 is on-air compatible with nRF24L Series
  • The nRF51 series is a Flash System-on-chip and Connectivity ICs
  • The nRF51 has a higher radio performance and lower power consumption
  • The nRF51s are pin and code compatible ICs
  • The nRf51 comes with new 32bit MCU – faster ULP and up to 256K Flash
nrf51 features

nRF51 features

Download of the complete presentation (51 pages)

Do not hesitate to ask for further details, reference designs, antenna aid, tips and hints by email to harald.naumann (at)

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