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  1. Hi,

    WE are lloking for BT proximity tag for security purpose.
    Please provide us the reference design


  2. Sharan, the Bluetooth Proximity Tag reference design is not supported anymore. Anyhow, I will send you an email and a link for an evaluation kit. The only you need is some guys with RF skills and some guys that will be able to write code.
    – You can use the SOC like mentioned in the posting and set some parameters
    – or you the the basic code for the Bluetooth proximity tag and optimise it to your needs

  3. Harald,
    I’d be interested in any information regarding this as well. Could you send me the link to the evaluation kit you mention above.


  4. Richard, just send an email. I will take care. Please note that I will have a rest nest days. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  5. Hello Harald

    We are looking more details for such tag and as well the price information if exist .


  6. Hi Manas, details and price you get after sending an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de

  7. We are looking for a low cost proximity tag reference design
    Please send us any information you can.

    What is the distance from antenna?
    What type of antenna do you recommend?
    Ball park pricing qty 1000’s

    Thank you

  8. Ross, you will find an emeil related to Bluetooth proximity in your inbox.

  9. Hello sir, i am making such Bluetooth Proximity Tag for my College Final year project. I am from Computer engineering so i want Schematic diagram and Circuit Diagram for the same. Sir Can you help me with this. Any kind of Reference or link will do.

  10. Hi Manav, the nRF8002 is a very old chip set. May it makes sense to use the Nordic nrf51822.

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