First ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system could cut health care costs

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Telemedical and telehealth system on ANT+ Credit: Nordic Semiconductor magazine

The i-Residence telemedical and telehealth system is the world’s first fully comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system.

Based on Nordic nRF24AP2 8-channel 2.4GHz ANT transceivers and developed by Austrian company, Spantec, the i-Residence is said to eliminate the need for costly human-based health care monitoring. The unit is capable of automatic fall detection, remotely monitored disease management, and medically prescribed exercise monitoring using ANT+ compatible wireless health or fitness sensors. The i-Residence uses an ANT+ ultra low power (ULP) wireless network to detect medical emergencies in nursing homes, hospitals, and private households (particularly for the elderly). The network employs ANT+ compatible devices and a series of wireless relay bridges (typically one per room or ward) that connect to an ANT+ hub located in a GSM-based modem. In use, the system detects and classifies emergencies on a rising scale according to various application-dependent measurement options. These include automatic fall detection using a wireless hip worn device developed by Spantec (currently undergoing full clinical trials in one of Austria’s largest hospitals); automatic alert to rescue center control desks, relatives or neighbours by phone, Short  Message Service (SMS or ‘text message’), or visual interface; and full compatibility with any third party ANT+ medical, health or fitness device (such as monitors for blood pressure, blood glucose, mobile electrocardiogram (ECG), weight or heart rate).

Credit text and picture: Nordic Semicondutor

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