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Wireless M2M training for free: May 22-24, Dortmund, Germany

Developers that are interested in can get 1 to 3 days trainings on Wireless M2M free of charge. Nevertheless the 3 days training you can book for Berlin later on as well. 22 – 24th. of May in Dortmund and 25 – 27th. of Sep. in Berlin Form for registration: Please excuse that the […]

Comparision of radio links inside an Android device and examples for applications

Useful radio links inside an Android Smart Phone Droidcon 2012 in Berlin 14.03.2012 /15.30 – 16.00 Harald Naumann Sensors, Interaction A lot of people are not aware about other radio links inside a Android phone parallel to 3G and 4G radio link for voice and data communication. To explain the latest technologies we will […]

Tweets von der Waschmaschine

Mit Android@Home, NFC und 6LoWPAN will Google nun auch das Zuhause erobern. Dabei werden das Smartphone und der Tablet PC zur Fernbedienung und Bedienterminal für Fernseher, Waschmaschine und die Heizung. Die Idee des Smart Home ist zwar nicht neu, wird durch die Google-Ankündigung aber sicher neuen Schub erhalten. Die zentrale Rolle bei der Umsetzung spielen […]

1st Energy & Smart Home Technology & Metering Summit – Oct. 26 in Munich

Energy efficiency into the house! Save the date: October 26th 2011 – meet industry leaders and analysts in the electronics and energy industries as well as from research institutions on the 1st Energy & Smart Home Technology & Metering Summit Smart Home is reality – but how does the smart home look like? How the […]

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