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Self Made Embedded Antenna Designs versus Chip Antenna – intro

As many people have asked for a video stream for my presentation, I now publish the presentation with text. This will take a while, but the beginning is made with slides 7 to 9 in my blog.Self Made Embedded Antenna Designs versus Chip Antenna

Self Made Embedded Antenna Designs versus Chip Antenna 

My name is Harald Naumann and I am the Sales Director at Tekmodul in Munich. Tekmodul is a Value Added Distributor focusing on radio modules and antennas. By focusing, we know our components very well and can provide the necessary support in addition to the good price.

At the same time I am also the author of the IoT / M2M Cookbook. In the book I have disclosed a quadband GSM antenna. The antenna structure was simulated and implemented several times in various projects. Some of the slides in my presentation refer to the IoT / M2M Cookbook or to follow-up projects like the Gillette order button. Excerpt of the book:

The proceeds from the book sale were reinvested in a VNA for 4000 Euro from MegiQ and in an antenna radiation pattern test system for 14000 Euro from MeqiQ. The return loss measurements in the lecture were performed with the MegiQ VNA. Within four years, Triptec turned the antenna in the IoT / M2M Cookbook into a leading development team for custom antennas focusing on LPWAN (NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN and SIGFOX). We share our experience in seminars and workshops at the customer’s site. The CTO of Triptec Mr. Wilhelm Oelers and I belong to the akorIoT group with the aim to simplify IoT developments.

Wilhelm Oelers and I are the spin doctor of the akorIoT evaluation kits and reference designs. We launched world first Arduino R3 shield in February 2017 and called it akorIoT Micro. In the meantime akorIoT Nano and akorIoT SensPRO followed.

Further slides  out of the presentation about antennas:

References with integrated antennas and antenna tests ( slide 7-9)

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