Recall the Smart Home – Microsoft vision in 1999 versus Apple HomeKit

The vision of Microsoft came true. Nevertheless, everything is smaller than in the video.

The screen on the piano and at kitchen plus the PC in the home office are merged together in one device called tablet or smartphone. Microsoft is out and Apple HomeKit is in. Apple got already the interest of Phillips Hue. Hue is light bulbs controlled by ZigBee Light Link. Tado will support HomeKit as well. Tado is controlling air conditioning devices and heaters. Who will follow next?
Apple is in front of all again. What will be the answer of Samsung? Will Samsung or even Google with its Android have a framework as well? Do you remember the hype around the Android at Home? At the same Google IO they showed a wireless controlled light bulb and promised a 6LoWPAN stack for all of us free of charge until end of the year. I’m still waiting.
Google 6LoWPAN in the news:
Maybe somebody at Microsoft and Google will read my short article. Google Nest does not fit to my needs. My personal smartphone and my tablet are on Android. Microsoft was never an option. My company phone is already an iPhone 5. This text was written with my Samsung Note 10.1. Will the next article of mine be written on an iPad?


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  1. Nun ich stehe dem Thema Hausautomation postiv gegenüber. Wenn der Ehemann die Ortung durch die Ehefrau erlaubt hat, dann ist das rechtlich ok. Davon ist auszugehen, denn die Ehefrau telefoniert mit dem Ehemann und sendet ihn dann in den Supermarkt.

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