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M2M module: Embedded Linux, ARM9, GPRS module, USB and further Interfaces

Today I would like to show and to talk about a new Linux based application for wireless M2M. The PCB is already in use in several projects. Based on its enclosure it can be used as a final product for end users. It supports a lot of interfaces like SD card / MMC card, GPIO Pins , AD / DA converter, UARTs, USB Device, USB Host, I2C, SPI and JTAG. At GPIO you will find PMW (Pulse Wide Modulation), counters and other intelligent channels.

Bluetooth low energy is an “always off” technology. Basically it stays in the lowest power modes

Because power consumption is so low, coin cells will typically last a year or more. Bluetooth low energy chips can operate either as slaves or masters and which device takes what role is decided during the initial negotiation. There is no reason for a tag to be the proverbial one-trick pony. Design cycles will be short compared to proprietary solutions because the design team can concentrate its efforts on writing application layer code instead of the entire protocol stack. Sensing a means of making mobile phones even more indispensable, Nokia and other manufacturers are clearly on the Bluetooth low energy bandwagon. “We see it as part of the continued evolution to the Bluetooth chip set,” says Mika Sarén, Nokia’s Senior Technology Manager for Connectivity. When the specification is released, it will be supported in time for the first product release on Forum Nokia, the company’s web site for developers.

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