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World’s first combined Bluetooth 4.0 / ANT beacon evaluation kit for indoor positioning

Bluetooth 4.0 / ANT beacon evaluation kit for indoor positioning for everybody

Indoor Locating

Indoor Locating

Just to let you know that you don’t have to wait longer for indoor positioning based on Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT any more. Radio beacons on BLE and ANT have become available right now. These can be deployed as miniature beacons in buildings, parking garages, shopping malls and airports without significant installation effort. They allow highly accurate indoor positioning on your smartphone or on a paired wireless location logger device. The installation of miniature radio beacons eliminates the need for costly Wi-Fi infrastructure, power cabling and site-specific finger-printing. Each beacon consumes much less energy than Wi-Fi and runs on a button cell with a long lifetime.

With the new combined BT 4.0 / ANT beacon evaluation kit you can test both wireless technologies easily. The kit comes with an iOS demo app for reading and monitoring of the Bluetooth LE beacons (with Android coming up soon). For testing ANT you get an app plus an ANT USB dongle for your PC and Android device.

The demo kit for Indoor Positioning comes in three versions right now:

  • 5x Radio Beacons BLE, 5x Radio Beacons ANT, 1x ANT USB dongle plus Beacon Viewer and Beacon Browser
  • 9x Radio Beacons ANT plus 1x ANT USB dongle plus a PC based Beacon Viewer
  • 10x Radio Beacons BLE plus Beacon Browser on iOS

BTW, I own the first version of the beacon, the second version, and I will match the latest version with my Samsung S4 after my vacation in an analogue world without electronic gadgets (just paper books, sun and fun).

Nevertheless, I will keep you posted on further kits and success stories soon.

Updated: 2013-06-27 — 12:15 AM


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  1. Hello,

    can i get a datasheet about this kit? Can i also get an offer?


  2. Hi Harald, we are very interested in this solution. Please send me information and prices. Is there an option to also build bluetooth asset tags based on this technology to track en trace trolleys in buildings for example?

  3. I would like to charge Euro 90 for the pre-version and including all updates up to the final version. You can pay by Paypal or by wiring to my bank account. The final version of the book will have a developer zone online. Based on the zone online I can help with further upgrades and news easily without touching the fixed version on PDF.
    Further I offer the sponsoring of the book. Everybody can pay more. You can pay as much you like. Every sponsor can ask for a listing in the book. A major part of the book was sponsored by . They made the simulation of the IFA GSM antenna in different versions including changing the size of the ground plane, enclosure and further parameters. This engineering job has a value of Euro 3.500. Every customer of the book will get this with the book for free. The same antenna is already field tested in one of my M2M projects.
    The money out of the sponsoring I will use to finance the proofreading by an English native speaker.
    I will be glad when you will be one of the readers of the book as well. I hope that you will enjoy it and I hope it will save some of your time, too.

  4. Dear Julius, please be so kind and come back to me by email (harald.naumann at ) with your postal address. I will come back to you with the data sheets, schematic diagrams and further including the option on several BLE beacon evaluation kits.

  5. Hi Harald,

    I am interested in your BLE indoor positioning kit, please share more details, pricing and availability.


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