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Is it possible to use iBeacons / BLE beacons for triangulation or BLE indoor localisation?

Please find another close the same messages or questions on BLE indoor localisation to me as below. I get the question again and again at least once a month. It is time for a block post on this topic. What is the recommended way to implement BLE beacons to perform indoor localisation? What is the […]

Waterproofed Android smartphones, tablets and pet trackers

Android devices and pet trackers for life, not just for Christmas – original blog posted in Nov 2011 As Janis Joplin sang, “My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends”. Two of my friends own an iPhone and they always buy the latest smartphones. I will “make amends” and skip buying  a tablet for […]

Helical GPS antenna versus GPS chip antenna

Q: I came across a blog of yours some years back. By chance are you still offering assistance with GPS related antenna solutions? If so, we are trying to find a replacement for a Sarantel helical antenna.  We need to match or improve upon the performance of the Sarantel product. We are looking into Maxtena’s […]

IoT M2M Cookbook – How to develop a device based on Wireless Wide Area Network modules – Abstract

IoT M2M Cookbook

Abstract: IoT M2M Cookbook für die deutschsprachige Presse IoT M2M Cookbook – How to develop a device based on Wireless Wide Area Network modules Am Beispiel eines Gerätes zur Ortung wird der Aufbau einer IoT-M2M-Applikation erklärt. Dazu kommen Funkmodule für Mobilfunk und GPS zum Einsatz. Entwickler, die ein Gerät für Industrie 4.0 ohne Ortung designen, […]

A magician reveals the secrets of magic tricks

Vector Network Analyser - Euro 2900 only

As many already know, I am interested in antennas. My great interest is integrated antennas. Such antennas can be found in gateways for electricity meters, but also in portable point of sale systems. Even permanently installed telematics devices use integrated antennas. For many developers integrated antenna designs require a magician’s skills. Do you mind if […]