Creating your Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity gadget for iPhone and Samsung

There is no need to collect money for a Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity on Kickstarter

Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Tag

Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Tag

The commission for Kickstarter you can save. To enter the Bluetooth 4.0 market you need just 99 bucks for an evaluation kit. Even the 99 $ you can save. Just register at Nordic Semiconductor Global Tour. At the tour you get an nRF51822 or nRF51422 evaluation kit for free. Nevertheless I will put the antenna consulting on top free of charge. The Proximity feature can be in a tag, bracelet, credit card, wallet, jacket or whatever you like.
BTW, I will grab my nRF51822 evaluation kit on the 24th of October in Paris. Maybe we’ll meet each other in evening at the bar to share some knowledge and experience. Who has a need for a Bluetooth Low Energy development is welcome to drop an email to Harald.Naumann (at) gsm –

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