Waterproofed GSM / GPS tracker on solar power

GSM / GPS tracking device on solar power will run endless

GSM / GPRS / GPS tracker waterproofed

GSM / GPRS / GPS tracker waterproofed

  • GSM Module Quad Band
  • GPS module with GPS patch antenna
  • Charging power 750 mW during sunshine at 12:00 A.M.
  • Waterproofed IP65
  • Embededed GSM antenna
  • MCU
  • Standard SIM and SIM on Chip
  • Battery

For more details or an customised GSM/GPS tracker just drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de


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  1. can we know what is the price tag for these above products and can we know if your contact details.

  2. Dear,

    How underground deep they work?. It`s just for record absolute gps in wáter pipes nets.
    if is posible please email my datasheets.

    Fernando Mera

  3. Fernamdo, a GPS module will need a view to sky.

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