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HSPA GPS module Telit HE910

We will help with Telit HE910 evaluation kit plus further extensions, software and digital maps free of charge.
* Tiny HSPA GPS module Telit HE910
* Ultra low power micro controller evaluation kit Renesas RL78 for free
* Digital maps for free
* Webbased tracking server for free
* Cellular antenna design connected to Telit HE910 for free
* GPS antenna connected to Telit HE910 for free
* Hints and tips in English or German language based on 15+ years in wireless M2M

Android, Linux, QNX, Symbian and Windows in M2M applications

I already started several projects on embedded Linux (GE863-Pro3 or UC864-G + BeagleBoard). One is for example a metering project for a customer in India. Development and manufacturing  is provided by a business partner of mine in Germany. The next higher level is based on BeagleBoard http://www.beagleboard.org. The BeagleBoard is an open source single board […]