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Waterproofed Android smartphones, tablets and pet trackers

Android devices and pet trackers for life, not just for Christmas – original blog posted in Nov 2011 As Janis Joplin sang, “My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends”. Two of my friends own an iPhone and they always buy the latest smartphones. I will “make amends” and skip buying  a tablet for […]

Bluetooth Low Energy – the digital Swiss knife – part 1

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy beacon at key-fob

What to do with Bluetooth Low Energy? Which applications can we cover? Several short articles shall give you an idea for useful applications on BLE. The first article is related to my lost key-fob. BLE beacon at key-fob (1) Estimated twenty-five years ago I lost my keys at the ruins of Corinth in Greece. I […]

iBeacon versus Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

BLE key fob

For some reasons Apple was brainwashing the whole world. The whole world means that the iBeacon is the only beacon. iBeacons are stupid. iBeacon only really transmit their ID around the clock. Apple has not invented Bluetooth Low Energy. Apple even did not invent the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon. They just registered the trademark iBeacon […]

Recall the Smart Home – Microsoft vision in 1999 versus Apple HomeKit

The vision of Microsoft came true. Nevertheless, everything is smaller than in the video. The screen on the piano and at kitchen plus the PC in the home office are merged together in one device called tablet or smartphone. Microsoft is out and Apple HomeKit is in. Apple got already the interest of Phillips Hue. […]

Kostenfreie Bluetooth Low Energy Eval-Kits

Bluetooth Low Energy Eval-Kits für ihr funkendes Projekt Wer ein reales BLE-Projekt mit Forecast hat, konnte sein Projekt  melden und hat eine Chance auf ein Eval-Kit für Euro 0. Das Eval-Kit hat von Haus aus einen Temperatursensor und Beschleunigungssensoren. Weiterhin kann es leicht um andere Sensoren erweitert werden. Ich packe gerne noch folgendes oben drauf: […]

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Bluetooth Low Energy beacon with support of  RSSI level plus temperature, luminance, acceleration and magnetic sensor I. Temperature sensor That means it any beacon in the evaluation kit is a wireless thermometer. It is also waterproofed. You can use it at your terrarium, aquarium of or doghouse. II. Magnetic sensor Just stick the RF beacon […]

Apple veröffentlicht Spezifikationen zum iBeacon

Wer nun auch aus dem iBeacon, Wearable und IoT-Kuchen ein Stück schneiden möchte erhält die Gelegenheit: Bluetooth Low Energy Eval-Kit ca. Euro 110 Kostenfreier Quelltest zum Kit für div. Anwendungen (3 Achsen-Beschleunigung, Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit, …) Kostenfreier Quelltext für die App auf iOS und Android Kostenfreie Gerberfiles und Schaltbild des Kits im Download Preiswertes Anpassnetzwerk (7 […]