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Santa, please help with a smart phone including radio link ANT, ANT+ or Bluetooth LE

Santa Claus, I hope for it that you read my blog. I want a smart phone with a low power radio link like ANT+ (also called ANTplus) or Bluetooth Low Energy. I know that you have a lot to do at the moment. There are many smart phones on the web page listed here. Can you give me one of Sony Ericsson?

First snow in 2010 – Santa Claus please help me with a Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy controlled robot to clean the sideway!

We all have access to the new integrated circuit that already comes with Bluetooth and a micro controller like the MD8710 The MD8710 was planned to be used in the healthcare sector for medical applications, but why not using it for my new smart home? As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we all will […]