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Indoor locating – positioning by Bluetooth Low Energy

Indoor locating of a smart phone by Bluetooth Low Energy (e.g. iPhone or Android phone) Locating of smart phones like an iPhone or Android phone can be done with an app on the device. The app will download the floor plan of the building. Google maps already offers a floor plan generator. Nevertheless such an […]

Waterproofed GSM / GPS tracker on solar power

GSM / GPS tracking device on solar power will run endless GSM Module Quad Band GPS module with GPS patch antenna Charging power 750 mW during sunshine at 12:00 A.M. Waterproofed IP65 Embededed GSM antenna MCU Standard SIM and SIM on Chip Battery For more details or an customised GSM/GPS tracker just drop an email […]

Wireless M2M training for free: Sep 25-27, Berlin, Germany

Developers can get up to 3 days trainings on Wireless M2M free of charge. Other companies have to charge Euro 750 per day for such an event. These lessons are for free. The snacks, lunch and the drinks are free as well. Take the chance to listen in day time and to enjoy Berlin at […]

Google Maps Indoor and Google Maps Floor Plan Generator

Recently you can navigate with the new version Google Maps 6.0 in the building. Various airports and shopping centres in the U.S. have already been equipped. To navigate without GNSS signals (no GPS and Glonass) you need some radio beacons along the way. A mixture of natural radio beacons, such as GSM base stations and […]