Wireless M2M training for free: Sep 25-27, Berlin, Germany

Developers can get up to 3 days trainings on Wireless M2M free of charge. Other companies have to charge Euro 750 per day for such an event. These lessons are for free. The snacks, lunch and the drinks are free as well. Take the chance to listen in day time and to enjoy Berlin at night or to visit Berlin on the weekend after.

25 – 27th. of Sep. in Berlin

For registration just drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de

  • Day 1: Positioning: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, WIFI, Bluetooth Smart and GSM cell locating
  • Day 2: Controlled by Smartphone: WIFI, ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, NFC, GPRS, HSPA
  • Day 3: Internet of Things

Copy of 19 presentation from close the same event in Dortmund:

Who can’t make it to stay in Berlin has the freedom to ask for an appointment at your local office. Last but not least, I can help with webinars on the topics you like to have. Just email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de and tell me your wishes.

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