GPS repeater

GPS repeater

GPS repeater

This GPS repeater kit is a complete re-radiating system to allow you to re-radiate the GPS carrier indoors. The GPS repeater kit consists of a roof antenna, a plug-in re-radiating amplifier and a re-radiating antenna. The roof antenna is a L1/L2 35dB Gain, 50 ohm antenna. The re-radiating amplifier has a 110V/220V plug-in transformer which powers the amplifier and the roof antenna. The signal from the roof antenna is amplified and radiated out the repeating GPS antenna. If the receiving antenna has line of sight with the re-radiating antenna, it will receive the signal up to 30 meter away.

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  1. Unfortunately the site link seem to be blocked or broken. where can i get more info on the GPS repeater or perhaps purchase one

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