Can you please give me a hint why it can’t register into GSM network?

Question reached me by email.

Q: I write you because I am having troubles with the GSM/GPS shield. Can you please give me a hint why it can’t register into GSM network?

A: I will explain you how to power on a GSM module in in general.

1. Power supply / antenna

  • Connect GSM antenna
  • Put SIM card in SIM holder
  • Take care that you power supply is able to support the 2 Ampere peak current. If not then the GSM module will get a power down reset by power on.

2. Power on and AT

  • Power on the GSM module with toggling the ON / OFF pin of the GSM module.
  • The answer will be OK. Do you get an OK by the GSM module?


  • Give PIN number to module


  • This commands will tell you more about the GSM network around you.

5. Start voice call

  • ATD 05032-8019985; (do not forget the “,” in the end) => the phone will ring

6. Send SMS

  • Commands are listed in the manual of GE865

If point 1 to 6 is working fine, then you can think about to go ahead with GPS.


Thank you for your answer. The extra power info was usefull and I can access now the gsm network.


The power down reset is still the most common user mistake I have seen by supporting GSM applications in the last 15 years. User mistakes and requests for support comes up again and again. Hopefully this article will save some of your time. Maybe the reading of further articles will train you and transfer some further know-how free of charge.

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