Android, Linux, QNX, Symbian and Windows in M2M applications

I already started several projects on embedded Linux (GE863-Pro3 or UC864-G + BeagleBoard). One is for example a metering project for a customer in India. Development and manufacturing  is provided by a business partner of mine in Germany.

The next higher level is based on BeagleBoard The BeagleBoard is an open source single board PC. In cooperation with the Symbian Developer Community antrax Datentechnik has developed an extension interface with UMTS module. The Beagleboard is supporting Symbian, Linux, Android, QNX and Windows XX. The adapter board with UC864-G plus Beagleboard can be used by the embedded Linux community easily.

Further information on the Symbian project here:

At you will find 180+ open source projects.

Beagleboard with adapter board for UMTS module

Beagleboard with extension interface board for GSM, UMTS and UMTS+GPS module

Beagleboard with LCD Touch Panel

Beagleboard with LCD & Touch Panel

Further projects on GE863-Pro3:
– Camera: Made by
– Tracking device:  Made by
– RTU based on GE863-Pro3
– Application of a student working with antrax Datentechnik GmbH
– Application were I signed an NDA based on GE863-Pro3

antrax Datentechnik is a business partner of mine. We are jointly consulting development projects for over 10 years. I assume that there’s not so many companies with so detailed knowledge about GE863-Pro3 and UC864-G. Along with the extension interface integrating UC864-G and/or GC864-QUAD to the BeagleBoard nearly any M2M application can be possible.

For further information just drop an email by form or to hn (at)


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