Embedded GSM, Bluetooth and RFID antennas free of charge

Last two weeks I made four times antenna consulting. The antenna is the key  in any wireless application. I all four projects is a self made antenna in use.

1. Embedded dual band GSM antenna at link as below

One company emailed me. I made my answers public. The other project has already started. I checked the PCB layout the order for the first few sample PCB is placed. I will keep you posted. Details of the antenna here: http://www.gsm-modem.de/M2M/m2m-faq/embedded-gsm-antenna-3/

2. 2400 MHz antenna for Bluetooth

I had an one hour meeting regarding range in the morning. It was to short. The antennas was already a part of the Bluetooth modules. I made an proposal to replace it to some selfmade antennas. In the afternoon I got a call. The range was already five time longer and long enough. I gave further design tips in a second meeting to make the range even longer. If I have a minute left I will draw a picture. I also ask for pictures – maybe I will get some to make it public.

3. RFID antenna 13,56 MHz

The customer want a round shaped antenna. The free of charge tools calculates rectangle structures only. If the borderline on the rectangle structure is the same then with the round shaped structure, then the radio wave will not care. I will try to get pictures of this application as well.

If you have a new wireless project, then please feel free to drop an email to me too (harald.naumann at gsm-modem.de)

Updated: 2012-08-16 — 9:03 AM

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