6th. NB-IoT seminar on 28.06.2018 in Berlin

As Freddie Mercury sang: “The show must go on”. After our Successful NB-IoT Roadshow with stops between Berline and Vienna in 2017, we return to Berlin on June 28th.

“Berlin ist eine Reise wert” (“Berlin is well worth a visit”). June 28th is a Thursday. so anyone who will can take Friday as a day off can combine this event with a weekend in Berlin. The computer games museum in Berlin is cool: there is an original, analogue Pong as a terminal with monitor, ZX81, C64 and many more veterans of computer history. You can play Tetris, Frogger, Pacman and Space Invaders on the arcade machines. Best of all, there is no time limit!  Alternatively you can explore the culture and history of this fascinating city that for a short period was an island of the West inside the Soviet bloc.

But of course, work before pleasure! On Thursday there will be the latest news from the “NB-IoT-Trickkiste”. Every event brings something new to the table. Our guest star is, as last time, Mr. Wilhelm Oelers of Triptec. He has the vector network analyzer with him and will measure the return loss of customer antennas with U.FL, FME and SMA connection free of charge. This measurement is worth more than the registration fee. Incidentally, more than 50% of customers’ antennas were faulty in when we tested in May 2017. Come over and let us measure the cut of your antenna’s jib. The measurement report will be sent to you at the end digitally and free of charge. Registration here: https://www.tekmodul.de/sechstes-nb-iot-seminar-am-26-06-2018-in-berlin/

LPWAN Seminar with Eurofins in Reichenwalde

LPWAN Seminar with Eurofins in Reichenwalde

Last but not least, there will soon be a series of articles on the subject of antennas from the Weka publishing house. The prelude is “Antennas – the unknown beings”. The story of the nurturing and rearing of antennas is now in progesss for a German eleczronic magazine.  Anyone who sends me an e-mail to h.naumann (at) lte-modem.com will receive a link to the article series. Thank you in advance for your registration or request for a wireless  project.

Has this article piqued your interest? Do you plan to deploy IoT devices on NB-IoT? Do you have an IoT prototype and need to optimise the design or minimise the price? If you have answered YES to any one of these questions then please do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) lte-modem.com and to ask for a proposal or some engineering services to make your IoT idea a cost-effective reality.

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