IoT2Learn – world’s first NB-IoT Xmas party incl. NB-IoT seminar

On Dec. 12, the world’s first NB-IoT Christmas party with integrated NB-IoT seminar will take place in Tilburg in the Netherlands.
Agenda (PDF): IoT2Learn-agenda-hotel-arrival

IoT2Learn at a glance

  • NB-IoT SIM cards to test for the guests on the day before the seminar
  • Surveying of your antennas free of charge after arrangement on return loss the day before.
  • Common dinner with exchange of experiences and networking on the day before the seminar.
  • Not only gray theory, but real, “living” NB-IoT devices in function in the real NB-IoT network. The Netherlands have 12 months lead and 2 NB-IoT networks in parallel.
  • All lectures and demonstrations in English language.
    World novelty: NB-IoT network tester to check the quality of the network for everyone
  • World novelty: akorIoT SensPRO as reference design for NB-IoT for 20+ applications with open SW interfaces for own code. Edge computing for small money without hardware development costs.
  • World novelty: Gifts based on NB-IoT from Santa Claus
  • Eight speakers from eight companies. Agenda here:

I am looking forward to your registration for 89 Euro. Live testing, networking, measuring antennas, eight lectures and much more. Be a part of it. My old administrative district is covered, as are thousands of German cities. NB-IoT is there. What will your application be like in the new radio network?

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