Will we meet each other at Embedded World in Nuremberg/Germany? 23 – 25 Feb. 2016

Year 2015 ended and year 2016 started with a big BANG in IoT and M2M. It was not just the firework display at the sky. In the last few weeks at the end of 2015 several rabbit conjure out of the hat:

  • IoT M2M news

    IoT M2M news

    LTE module CAT 1

  • LTE module CAT 4
  • LTE module CAT 9
  • LTE module CAT-M
  • Embedded SMT LTE antennas
  • Flex PCB LTE antennas
  • Set of Flex PCB antenna LTE, GPS + BT inside OBDII connector
  • GPS module with 5 mA in full tracking (still world lowest power consumption)
  • Tablet PC on LTE without display in size of a stamp (world smallest)
  • Combined NFC / BLE 4.2 module
  • Own LPWAN (LoRa) base station and LoRa modules
  • Update of my IoT / M2M Cookbook on GPS, LPWAN and LTE
  • My 20 years in GSM and GPS
  • and a lot of more

I will be glad to meet you in Nuremberg, in your office or at another event during the year. We will be glad to receive your requests for wireless modules and antennas (harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de . And I will be more than glad if you will recommend our products and services to other companies in wireless IoT and M2M.

Will we meet each other in Nuremberg?

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