ANT / Bluetooth 4.0 beacon evaluation kit for home automation solution to support humans and pets

Home automation gadgets on ANT and Bluetooth Low Energy

Home automation gadgets on ANT and Bluetooth Low Energy

Just to let you know that you don’t have to wait longer for home automation gadgets based on Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT any more. Radio beacons and tags on BLE and ANT have become available at present. These can be deployed as miniature beacons in buildings, parking garages, shopping malls and airports without significant installation effort. They allow a communication between the home automation system, your wireless RF tags on BT 4.0 / ANT and your smartphone or on a paired wireless location logger device. The installation of miniature radio beacons eliminates the need for costly Wi-Fi infrastructure and power cabling. Each beacon / RF tag consumes much less energy than Wi-Fi and runs on a coin cell a long time. The back link to the home automation system can be done on ANT wireless easy. You have the freedom to use an ANT to wired bridge as well. Some elderly homes already have a wired bus system in all room. However any AC plug can run as wireless to power line communication link too.

The RF tag and the beacon in the evaluation kit has several sensors already on the main PCB:

I. Temperature sensor

That means it any beacon in the evaluation kit is a wireless thermometer. It is also waterproofed. You can use it at your terrarium, aquarium of or doghouse.

II. Magnetic sensor

Just stick the RF beacon to your door or window and the home automation system will know the status of all doors and windows

III. Acceleration sensor

Just stick it to your door and get a message, as soon somebody is knocking it. Or you stick it under a table in a restaurant and get a message as soon somebody is knocking on.

IV. Active RFID

Each tag or beacon is able to transmit its unique ID around the clock for months. You also can combine it with the acceleration sensor. Based on that you can detect who is in the room and power on/off the light. You also will know if  your cat is back and in which room your pet is sleeping.

V: Direct link to iPhone

You can connect the low power Bluetooth 4.0 link to your iPhone, iPad or a lot of other smart phones and tablet as well. This means that a small and simple application does not have a need for a complete home automation system. A lot of can be achieved with an app on the iPhone easy.

VI: Customisation of firmware

All RF beacons and tags offers the option on customisation of the firmware. The customisation can be done by the manufacturer, the system integrator or by a third party.

VII: Customisation of hardware

All RF tags and RF beacons in the evaluation kit offers the links as below:
– Serial: UART, SPI, I2C
– Digital and analogue I/Os
– PWM, counter …
If somebody miss a sensor, then everybody has the freedom to ask for connection of further. Anyhow, I assume you will be busy a long time will all the features and sensors in the design like it is.

With the new combined BT 4.0 / ANT beacon evaluation kit you can test both wireless technologies easily. The kit comes with an iOS demo app for reading and monitoring of the Bluetooth LE beacons (with Android coming up soon). For testing ANT you can get an ANT USB dongle for your PC. ANT App development for Android devices are available on demand.

The demo kit for Home Automation comes in three versions right now:

  • 5x Radio Beacons BLE, 5x Radio Beacons ANT, 1x ANT USB dongle plus Beacon Viewer and Beacon Browser
  • 9x Radio Beacons ANT plus 1x ANT USB dongle plus a PC based Beacon Viewer
  • 10x Radio Beacons BLE plus Beacon Browser on iOS

BTW, I own the first version of the beacon, the second version, and I will match the latest version with my Samsung S4 soon. Who can´t wait longer is welcome to email harald.naumann (at)


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  1. Hi Harald,
    Are the evaluation kits available for purchase? If so, where and how much does the first one cost (5x Bluetooth and 5 x ANT)

  2. Hi Neil, yes the evaluation kits are ready to ship. I come back to you with an email. I do not tell prices in my blog. Prices can change for some reasons. I tell the static facts only. Any even they change sometimes. The BLE and ANT beacons and tags could change their features each day. Customers like you get the freedom to change the firmware in the devices. Even if you do not change the firmware, then the apps on the smart phones and PCs can generate new solutions all the time. This product is the univeral M2M product I ever have seen. I could describe a new use case each week. However, my time what is my spare time is limited. I write a story if I have fun to write only. There is no presure.

  3. Hi Harald,

    I have the same question as Neil,

    Are the evaluation kits available for purchase? If so, where and how much does the first one cost (5x Bluetooth and 5 x ANT)

  4. Hi Lance, you will get an offer with the evaluation kits. There are already four different kits. Just select the version that fits best to you.

  5. Hi Harald,

    I’m interested in your evaluation kit (5x BLE, 5x ANT). Could you send me some photos about items and prices?


  6. Hi Peter, I will take care on an offer for you. As soon I have a minute left, I will take a photo. I own one out of the Alpha versions 🙂

  7. Dear Harald,

    Could you please also send me the pictures and the quote for the kit with 5x BLE; and for 250x BLE?

    Thank you,

  8. Hi Mario, you will get an email soon.

  9. I am interested in the kits. Can you send me information, pictures and costs please?

  10. Interested in a kit,

  11. Janson, you got an email.

  12. Harald, could you please email me with order details for an evaluation kit. Thank you.

  13. Hi Glenn, an email is travelling to you.

  14. Please send me the offer for the kit as well.

  15. William, you got an email.

  16. Harald, please contact me via email.

  17. Marko, you got an email.

  18. Harald, Interested in ANT for RTLS and location aware Android app in development. Thank you.

  19. Darin, you got an email.

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  21. Hey Herald, I’m trying to build a BLE+ANT solution and I’m very interested in your evaluation kits, please contact me via email.

  22. Hi Harald, could you send me information the kits. (Also, thanks for this blog. I learned a lot.)

  23. Hi Kevin, you got an email. Thx for the nice words. Just to let you know, that I am writting a book. I am what I am because somebody in the past shared with me. I just give somehing back. Anyhow, I start 25+ years ago with wireless data communication. 25 years ago there was no Internet, no blog, no PDF, no …
    Today it is much easier to communicate to hundreds of people in the same time.

  24. Hi Pasquale, you got an email. I wish you and all readers of the blog a Merry Christmas.

  25. Hi Harald,

    Thanks for the effort to materialize this kit, pls, send me an email with order & delivery process details

  26. Hi,

    I interested with the evaliation kit, can you please send me the email about the price and the kit photos.


  27. Hi Deva, you got an email. Enjoy the kit.

  28. I am also interested in your evaluation kit. Please email me me pricing and equipment information.


  29. Howard, I will come back to you by email.

  30. Hi Harald,
    can you send me technical specs, pictures and prices? Thanks

  31. Juri, I will come back to you by email.

  32. Hi Herald, I’m working to build a button size BLE tag for tracking a person, with ANT solution and please send me information on the latest evaluation kits. Thanks.

  33. Kison, I will come back to you by email.

  34. Hi Harald,

    Do you sell these kits still? Can I get quote?


    Senthan Mathavan

  35. Hi Senthan, yes it is in mass production. I will help you with the contact to my business friend.

  36. Hi Harold,

    Interested in buying the kit. Please let me know the details.

  37. Hi Paul, you got an answer by email.

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