Wi-Fi locating / identification service with Android 4.3

Wi-Fi locating / identification service with Android 4.3 for all of us?

The advanced wireless LAN settings of Android 4.3 also offers a new option “identification service always available.” Underlying this is a technique that allows the location even when Wi-Fi service is disabled, to search for networks, so as to easily identify the location of the device.
Source: http://www.zdnet.de/88162364/fruhstuck-bei-google-nexus-7-und-android-4-3/
Wi-FI locating and navigation is now available. Bluetooth 4.0 APIs for all the gadgets like Proximity Tags, smart watches and further was promised at last Google I/O. The first evaluation kits with support of Bluetooth Low Energy were shipped month ago. The testing was done with APIs of the manufactures of the smart phone. I assume the next step is to include the Wi-Fi feature inside the Android phone and to combine it with Bluetooth Low Energy. It looks that indoor locating or navigation will come real with several system integrators in parallel.

Updated: 2013-07-21 — 11:40 PM

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