First snow in 2010 – Santa Claus please help me with a Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy controlled robot to clean the sideway!

We all have access to the new integrated circuit that already comes with Bluetooth and a micro controller like the MD8710

The MD8710 was planned to be used in the healthcare sector for medical applications, but why not using it for my new smart home? As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we all will have ANT and Bluetooth Low Energy (also called Bluetooth LE or BT LE) in our smart phones by end of 2011. As of Christmas 2011 there will be many Android and Bluetooth Low Energy powered devices under our Christmas trees. I will complete my final wish list for Santa later. First of all I need a remote controlled robot to clean the sideway. To save money, time and space Santa shall recommend his elves to use the new MD8710 with integrated Bluetooth 2.1.

ARM Cortex R4 with embedded Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth LE

ARM Cortex R4 with embedded Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth LE

MD8710 – A 150 MIPS MPU with Bluetooth

  • Single Chip IC based on micro processor unit MPU with ARM Cortex R4 core plus:
    • Support of several Real Time Operating systems (RTOS)
    • Serial buses USB 2.0, UART, I2C and SPI
    • PWM for control output, for motors, heating and pump control
    • Radio links like Bluetooth 2.1 ( Bluetooth Low Energy by ext. extension)
    • Human Machine Interfaces like Colour Graphic Display Interface (up to 1023×1023 pixel) and Tone & Voice Output
    • Digital Analogue Converter DAC and Analogue Digital Converter for High Resolution Stimulus, High Resolution Measurement, Multi Channel Analysis , Multi Frequency Analysis and Optical Analysis
    • Power Management Subsystem with charging electronic for LiPo batteries, Ultra low power sleep mode (<10uA, RTC, Wakeup), RTC power backup for battery exchange and voltage monitors for all power supplies
    • Security Interface, to ensure your data is safe

The toy factory of Santa Claus is always a very busy place. Elf by elf, toy by toy, smart phone by smart phone the Christmas toy factory is eagerly at work. All elves are working hard and are having fun. I hope they have a minute left to develop my Bluetooth 2.1 or  Bluetooth Low Energy remote controlled robot to keep my sideway clean. I have no idea which blogs Santa is reading, I have no idea which Twitter channels or RSS feeds he has subscribed to.

Readers of this post, friends at Facebook, Twitter followers, please be so kind and help me with forwarding and spreading my wish. With a little luck Santa will read it and get my wish for the Bluetooth 2.1 or Bluetooth Low Energy remote controlled robot. Many thanks in advance!

Anybody interested to jump in and take Santas job, is there anyone who wants to develop the Bluetooth 2.1 or Bluetooth Low Energy robot, then do not hesitate to send me an e-mail by using the form here or by e-mail to harald.naumann (at)

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