Fridge with NFC tags during 2014 FIFA World Cup

NFC tags at fridge will make your life more comfortable

Fridge with NFC tags

Fridge with NFC tags

Just stick some NFC tags to your fridge or on the back side of the remote control of your TV. With the NFC task launcher on your Android phone the apps of your favourite pizzeria or any other fast food restaurant will start. If they offer no app then you store the URL of your pizzeria on the NFC tag.
A clever app like NFC task launcher – will combine everything. Each evening it can start the soccer channel, start WI-FI direct to stream the content to your TV, power off the ring tone of your Android phone, order pizza and beer and dim the light in the room.

Do you have further ideas what can be done in same task? Just come back with your NFC proposal by comment or email to harald.naumann (at)

NFC task handler on Google play
App on Google play

NFC task handler – free of charge on Google Play

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  1. Agree ,NFC Fridge tag are also popular . IT’s better to make them with one anti-metal layer and one magnet layer . The NFC magnet could work on metal surface well , and could take them to other palce . The nfc tag could make you open a pizza shop directly ,or make your phone connect to the WIFI , or make your phone ” silent mode ” …….etc !! Thanks the nfc , make our life better

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