The big wedding – BT 4.0 and ANT+ on the same chip

The dream comes true and will help to make several M2M applications possible. I already have a lot of projects where a multi protocol Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ is necessary. Just some useful examples as below.

Computer on bicycle

At the bike you will have your ANT+ sensors. You can use the sensors you bought years ago. The ANT+ sensors will communicate to your bike computer. The bike computer can access by BT 4.0 to your iPhone or Samsung S3. For ANT+ you can use your Sony smart phone or your HTC phone. The computer can access to sensors at your body on a mix of BT 4.0 / ANT+ sensors. Even if you use one out of the two protocols, the bike computer will be able to communicate to both wireless worlds.

Sensors for patients, elderly or pets

Indoor you can set up a network on ANT+. The moving sensors at wristband, dog collar, credit cards, key-fob, pram, watch or anything you like can be connected by Bluetooth Proximity Profile and or Bluetooth Find Me profile to the bridge on ANT+. The combined bridges/routers on ANT+ and BT 4.0 can be powered by USB, wall plugged power supply, Power Ethernet, battery or solar.

Meshed nets in factory

The net you can create on ANT+. The sensors can be a mix of ANT+ and BT 4.0 again. Any iPhone 4S / 5, iPAD3, Samsung S3, Samsung Note 10.1, Google Nexus 7 or even a cheap laptop from Aldi (popular discounter in Germany) can access the machine. BT 4.0 does not need the Made for iPhone (MFI) chip on the PCB. BT 4.0 will offer a nice range with up to 150 meter in free field without discharging  the battery fast like with WLAN or Classic Bluetooth.


There are further applications where a mix of BT 4.0 and ANT+ will have a benefit. If necessary, you run the proprietary radio protocol of Nordic called Gazel  on the nRF51 as well. Even the mix with NFC (reader or tag with I2C-Bus) will help to create innovative products. The good is that I got technical trainings on all important wireless technologies and can consult and advice in detail.

I am best prepared and will grab my Nordic nRF51 evaluation kit at the Global Tour on Oct 24th in Paris. I create myself 2400 MHz antennas as PCB track and if necessary I have access to a big range of ceramic chip antennas up to external antennas. For energy harvesting I am co-operating with a high skilled engineering office. They already have solutions on solar, vibration, temperture delta and RF harvesting. Last but not least there is a network of motivated, high skilled engineers in my network that will nearly make any customer’s wish real.

If you like we can meet each other on Sep 25th to 25th on a free of charge training in Berlin:
On Oct 24th in Paris:

Or just drop an email to harald.naumann (at)

Press release:
Nordic Semiconductor and ANT Wireless are developing nRF51 Series multi-protocol combo solution for seamless and concurrent ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy connectivity to smartphones, tablets and PCs

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