My IoT-University at Linkedin Groups

Today I launched the IoT-University at Linkedin. I gave the group a strong direction to LPWAN SuBGHz, because is this frequency range it is not so easy to take an off the shelf antenna and to make the wearable IoT dream true. I will be glad if you will join the IoT University as well. Just register here:

After writing my IoT / M2M Cookbook and speaking at several seminars about wireless IoT and antennas I made the decision to share on Linkedin as well. My idea is backed by several business partners who will support the forum with news and dedicated technical information as well.

IoT-University at Linkedin Groups

Advice, latest news and discussions on LPWAN (SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, Weightless P), LTE-Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT), LTE-Cat-M1 and further Low Power Technologies which cover at least on SubGHz bands dedicated for developers who plan a wireless device for the Internet of Things.

However, I hope to meet with you in analogue life. Some people share at Facebook – I am happy to share in real analogue life. The next big important event is the Embedded World Conference 2017, 14-16 March 2017 where my speech will be:

“Comparison of LPWAN Like SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, Weightless P and NB-IoT/LTE-Cat-NB1”

Read more:
I hope to meet you in Nuremberg.

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Harald Naumann

Updated: 2016-11-19 — 9:17 PM

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