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Maybe the IoT does not make sense!

The Washington Post told us three reasons why the Internet of Things does not make sense.
With sense or without sense I have to quote out of my Cookbook. Since 25 years I’m in wireless data communication. We transmitted data out of cars with 3600 bit per second by FSK in private mobile radios. The word IoT was used the first time in 1999. I am close to 20 years in GSM GPS tracking. The conclusion: I was in IoT without to know that the IoT ever will exist. BTW my Cookbook was named the M2M Cookbook. In 2014 I renamed the book into IoT M2M Cookbook. My small company is now a part of the IoT. In 2013 I sold no book. In 2014 I sold 80 books without doing any advising and marketing. On top several readers placed orders for consultancy. Maybe I am already an IoT start up without knowing that I am an IoT start-up. Maybe I will be at least called an Internet of Things start-up as soon I finance my next IoT M2M Cookbook on Kickstarter. I really will write another IoT M2M Cookbook as soon as the proof reading of the my first book is finished.
I also placed an order for for the development of a very special evaluation kit with embedded antenna for IoT M2M devices. Most IoT M2M devices are on wireless technology. Wireless means that the devices need an antenna. The antenna is the key for success in wireless IoT M2M. Estimated 25 to 30 % of my Cookbooks are about antennas. I made a simulation of a GSM Quad Band antenna public in the book. The simulation has already a value of 3500 Euro. I explained how to test antennas with a cheap Vector Network Analyser. I used a VNA for Euro 2800 instead an equipment for Euro 20.000. On top the VNA for Euro 2800 offer a self calibration plus a play ground called “sandbox”. The sandbox is a PCB with some passive parts like an inductor and a capacitor in a row measured and documented by the VNA. The sandbox is for self education. If the graphic on the screen during your training lesson looks the same than listed at the documentation then you made everything right. After self education you will be able to measure your self made PCB antenna copied out of the IoT M2M Cookbook.
Maybe the IoT makes no sense for the Washington Post. For me it makes sense. My daily job is sales director for a company that sells wireless modules, chip sets and antennas. My customers are always working with wireless applications. Maybe my customers are in IoT without knowing that they are already in IoT. I am the author of the first IoT M2M Cookbook and the book plus consultancy gives some extra incoming money. For me the wireless stuff makes sense. I make my money with wireless applications that today they call IoT applications.
Is your company already in IoT as well? Does the Washington Post know that your business exists? Is the Washington Post aware about my IoT M2M Cookbook? Is the Washington Post right and is it better to stop my plan to write another IoT M2M Cookbook?
Please be so kind and advise. Thank you in advance for some feedback by comment here or by email to harald.naumann ( at) gsm – modem. de

Updated: 2015-01-18 — 10:56 AM

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