World’s first Bluetooth Smart advanced remote control for connected TVs and set-top boxes at CES

Nordic Semiconductor is today demonstrating its upcoming nRFready μBlue Smart Remote reference design – the world’s first Bluetooth low energy/Smart advanced navigation remote for connected TVs and set-top boxes. Based on Nordic’s market leading μBlue nRF8001, this reference design is set to take remote controls for connected TVs to the next level by delivering advanced navigation features such as multi-touch and motion control, plus QWERTY keyboard, while offering up to one year of battery life and compatibility with any Bluetooth Smart Ready TV.

WHEN: Wed 3-4pm Jan 11 & Thur 4.30-6.30pm Jan 12, 2012
WHERE: Las Vegas Hilton, East Tower, Suite # H969

If you have interest in an own Buetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)  solution then just drop an email to harald.naumann (at)

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