MQTT in Android mobile applications

How to receive push notifications using MQTT in an Android mobile application

Dave Lane was so friendly to describe the using of the MQTT protocol with Android. Many thanks to Dave. It will save developers some time and hopefully one of them will make some more code, tips and hints public. The whole story of Dave here:
MQTT in an Android mobile application

If somebody of you are looking for code in other programming languages then just have a look at
MQTT M2M protocol supported by Facebook

or spend some hours at
1st Energy & Smart Home Technology & Metering Summit – Oct. 26 in Munich

I will stay in Munich and talk about the news in Smart-Home, Smart-Metering and Ambient Assisted Living. I also hope to have some interesting meetings with people that has need or interest for wireless communication. Nevertheless my presentation I finished some minutes ago.

It contains the news Bluetooth Low Energy in Apple´s iPhone 4S, the Near Field Communication in Google´s Nexus Prime and the support of the M2M protocol MQTT with Facebook. I will talk about a weather station that is feeding Twitter and I will talk about the possibility to replace ZigBee and Z-Wave to a licence free protocol on 6LoWPAN. Google will hopefully come with a Open Source Protocol on 6LoWPAN until end of this year. Last but not least Google has chosen the Open Source evaluation platform Arduino and one of its clones to wire it to USB. Everybody can now create its own game controller for any Ardroid device. Or just wire the treat mill in the basement and to speed up the virtual starship on the smart-phone or tablet. Caption Kirk´s Enterprise will gets its Warp 10 by running faster. 🙂
Ok, the Enterprise is Science-Fiction, but more than 100000 Open Source Arduino´s in the field is it not. All owners of an Arduino got a licence free software library for connecting it to an Android tablet or smartphone. The power of an Open Source Operating System called Android was married with an Open Source evaluation platform for micro controllers called Arduino. Believe me or not but there is already Open Source code for MQTT on Ardunino as well.

Do you have further questions and would like to start the development of your own M2M app feeding Twitter, Facebook or Google+ right now? I will be glad to share my more than 15 years in GSM and GPS plus 25 years in radio communication with you. Just send an e-mail by using the form here or by e-mail to harald.naumann (at)


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  1. Hi, I would like to use the MQTT protocol for a GSM module for Arduino, I found the code to operate it via ethernet but nothing for the GSM module, could you help me?

  2. Hi Gianni, sorry I can´t help.

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