How to become a Jedi?

With this new game controller childhood dreams come true. Everyone can now become a Jedi. In addition to video games, you can use it to control a home entertainment system or model air-plane.

What’s missing in my opinion, are more new profiles in Bluetooth Smart. We need uniform interfaces and APIs. There is not just the Bluetooth SIG called for – there must also Google engaged.

How to become a Jedi?

How to become a Jedi?

Anyhow, who now has an innovative idea for accessories based on Bluetooth 4.0, should not hesitate to contact me by email harald.naumann (at) In the last few months I gained a lot of projects based on ultra-low-power wireless. The knowledge and experience of the other applications on Bluetooth 4.0, ANT, ZigBee and NFC can be incorporated into new products. Thank you in advance for any inquiry on wireless.

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