Home Automation application on Bluetooth 4.1

Presentation about Home Automation on Bluetooth Low Energy – Bluetooth 4.1

Home Automation system on Bluetooth 4.1

Home Automation system on Bluetooth 4.1

The picture shows a

Home Automation system on Bluetooth 4.1

Home Automation system on Bluetooth 4.1

proposal for a home automation system on the new specification of Bluetooth 4.1. BT 4.1 describes a hub on Bluetooth Low Energy. A Bluetooth Low Energy device could be a master and slave in same time. Master and slave is already the wrong word. At BLE this is called central and peripheral. At BT 2.1 we had something called scatternet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scatternet

In year 2008 the was some experiments with large scatternets can at ETH Zurich in the BTnode project
The scatternet will get a recall for sure. Any smart watch or bike computer at bicycle will communicate to e.g. a heart rate belt, a sensor at the pedal and a sensor for the speed. In professional sport they have sensors for the tire pressure as well. All sensors will run in peripheral mode and the smart watch or bike computer will run central mode. If the recorded data has to be forwarded to a computer or a smartphone, then these devices will run in central mode. That means that the watch or bike computer has to run in slave mode. The smart watch or the bike computer has to be able to support both. In a scatternet we have the same situation. In scatternet we will find multi masters and we are able to create networks in network topology in a tree.

If you have further questions, then do not hestitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de .

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