1st Energy & Smart Home Technology & Metering Summit – Oct. 26 in Munich

Energy efficiency into the house!

Save the date: October 26th 2011 – meet industry leaders and analysts in the electronics and energy industries as well as from research institutions on the

1st Energy & Smart Home Technology & Metering Summit

Smart Home is reality – but how does the smart home look like? How the Smart Home will be collaborating with its environment, especially with the Smart Grid? How can lighting, heating, air conditioning and security features be included? How can the user remotely get access e.g. via mobile phone?

Program and registration form for download here.

My topic for presentation will be:

Will Google´s Open Source Radio protocol on 6LoWPAN replace ZigBee and Z-Wave?

Android@Home / Android at Home

Android@Home / Android at Home

I will talk in German at this event, because all the other speakers offer their presentations in German language as well. The answer of the a. m. questions, the result of the research and the result of the minutes of meeting I will make public in English language as usual. The slides will be written in English as well.

I also would not like to give the answer today. First of all I will damage the tension and second is that I will create the last slides the day before the event. Google promised a new Android version for Q4 2011 as well. This version will support the standard Bluetooth and Blueotooth Low Energy. Parallel IETF is working on a new specification for 6LoWPAN on Bluetooth Low Energy. We all can not know, which further services the new Android will support. With Android push messaging API our machines at smart home can access to our smart phones fast and cheap. Android Push Messaging is free of charge. It is much cheaper and it is much faster than SMS as well. Another question for this presentation:
Will Google´s Android Push Messaging API replace SMS?

I hope to meet you in Munich. If you can´t make it, then just contact me. I will be glad to share the slides and the summary of minutes of meeting with you. Emails and phone calls related to smart home, smart grid and metering are welcome. Just to let you know, that the articles at this blog posts are driven by my customers and my personal interests.

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