Licence free C compiliers to generate code for 6LoWPAN modules

Primary support will be given for Crossworks on ARM .
Rowloy offers several 30 day licences, which can be extended. You will not buy a pig in a poke.

  • USD 1500 Commercial License
  • USD 300  Educational License
  • USD 150 Personal License

USD 150,- for a personal licence is not too expensive. The alternative are compilers on GCC.

Atollic TrueStudio (  It uses GCC and is based on Eclipse. They offer a free of charge lite version. Yagarto ( It uses GCC and is based on Eclipse too. Yagarto is free of charge.
The 6LoWPAN modules are already inexpensive. With the licence free or personal license hobbyists and students are able to play with 6LoWPAN for a reasonable price as well. The support team of the 6LoWPAN module told me that Crossworks is more comfortable. I cannot gauge that, because my main skills are in wireless hardware with specialisation on antennas. Anyhow, I assume that the documents will show screen shoots of Crosswork complier and demo code was developed by using of Crossworks as well.
I will take care to recommend the right antennas, power supply, batteries or sensors around this nice 6LoWPAN module.  It already offers more I/O channels and serial links then most users will ever need. A temperature sensor or humidity sensor can be done by soldering two parts together easily. Even the reading of a meter with a serial link is hardware wise a simple task. If you already have programming code in C written for other metering projects, then you can compile it in quickly. On your PC you will use activate the UCP/IP protocol. Smartphones on Apple OS or Android will support UDP/IP too.

Readers that jumped in the 6LoWPAN dialogue right now, I would like to recommend to click on the Tag cloud “6LoPAN” .

Nevertheless, I will keep you posted by further blog posts related to 6LoWPAN radio modules, projects and products. If you cannot wait or have already further questions or would like to get an offer for the 6LoWPAN radio evaluation kit, then please do not hesitate to send an email to harald.naumann (at) or using the form here.

Independent on your feedback by email or comment at blog post I wish everybody that has like me  a bank holiday on Monday, a nice long and sunny weekend.

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