Does ZigBee have a chance for a second life against ARM with its 6LoWPAN ?

ZigBee has interoperability problems. Two software layers called ZigBee profiles developed by two different companies can create profiles that interfere with different versions of ZigBee profiles. Worst case two devices that have ZigBee chips might not interoperate. And even two of the same chips can’t communicate to each other if the run different profiles like Smart Energy and Home Automation. To cover my home I need the mentioned profiles and if I get older than there is a need for Health profile. On top of this chaos a ZigBee router on Smart Energy can’t route Home Automation or Health profile. This will force three different ZigBee routers on several places in my home. ZigBee routers are always on. That means the three ZigBee routers will charge the triple of energy. Is a system that waste 300 % of energy still a low power standard? Correct me if I am wrong.


Sensinode is now ARM. With Sensinode ARM is able to offer the IoT from one hand (wireless hardware, software stacks and services). The stack has a need for 32K of flash only, offers extreme robustness on optional frequency-hopping MAC and support for both 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz bands such as 868/915 MHz. While 6LoWPAN was originally designed to support the IEEE 802.15.4 radio, their stack can be ported to a variety of different MAC/PHY solutions.

With Sensinode ARM got a service platform through powerful yet simple HTTP REST APIs. They also provide a Java SDK complete with commercial source code. Their device library provides automatic registration and maintenance, CoRE resource discovery, a CoAP server API, a CoAP client API along with eventing. The library is available for C, Java SE, and Android. Sensinode is actively developing and promoting open standards at the IETF, ZigBee, ETSI and the IPSO Alliance. And ARM Cores is already included with a lot of MCUs and SoCs (e.g. Freescale, STM, NXP, ATMEL).

The upper text was trigged by the two articles of this week:

ARM acquires Internet of Things Startup Sensinode

ZigBee wants to be the Bluetooth of the internet of things. Too bad everyone hates it

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