NB-IoT shield with Arduino header renamed to akorIoT

The idea for the NB-IoT shield with Arduino header was conceived in summer 2016. We then produced the first version of the NB-IoT shield at the M2M Summit in September 2016. The second generation was shown to readers of my IoT/M2M Cookbook in our end of the year mailing and it has proved extremely popular; we are continually receiving requests for evaluation kits!

My goal is always to always to over-deliver – in my books, service or applications and I will always strive to offer something new and special. And so in September 2016, the world’s first NB-IoT adapter with Arduino header was born. To be the first is already unique and special but it was also the first multi-cellular shield with Arduino header in the world as well. The shield accepts over 10 different pin-compatible radios from Quadband GSM to UMTS/HSPA and right up to LTE-Cat1. Furthermore, an LTE-CatM1/NB1 module is supported as well; not just the first NB-IoT shield but the world’s first shield with LTE-CatM1/NB1 module too.

NB-IoT Shield Arduino

NB-IoT shield with Arduino header

The core philosophy behind this project was to design open and free out-of-the-box IoT hardware and not just one more cellular adapter with an Arduino header. The realisation of this philosophy was shown to the IoT/M2M Cookbook community and my IoT customers across the world. I invited my readers and customers to contribute by suggesting the new name for HARduino. I predictably received many recommendations like “OpenIoT”, “FreeIoT” or similar and based on these suggestions I searched for an equivalent word in an obscure language. In the end we opted for Proto-Celtic – I think you’ll agree that we ticked the ‘obscure’ box! If you’re sufficiently interested you can find out more about the language here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proto-Celtic_language.

“akor” is the Proto-Celtic word for “open” and so akorIoT is the new name for HARduino! Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and being part of the process!

akorIoT is the world’s first IoT platform where virtually all options are open. akorIoT CX radio shields enable designers to easily develop and prototype cellular connected IoT devices using a 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G network. akorIoT includes all the components required to collect sensor data or sense position by GNSS as well as enabling data upload via a cellular network. You can select any cloud service you like for the management, storage and analysis of the data from your IoT device.

Interested in an offer on the akorIoT radio adapter? Great – drop me an email – harald.naumann (at) gsm – modem. de

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